Monday, 17 June 2013

loose threads of Idle Needle

I sit down to sew and instantly I get hesitant. I think too much. I ponder too long comparing options and avenues. Get fascinated by unexplored opportunities. I loose myself in research. I get carried away in the planning stages and think about ideas in detail. I look into the eye of the sewing needle to focus all those run-away thoughts. Thread the cotton through. Stop and hold it. But where do I really start...?

Sometimes I need a little push - just go with the program and start it anyway. Sometimes I need a bigger push - doubt sets in until the pressure of time passing by and the tension between idle hesitant hands and a racing head overwhelms and tips the boat into action.

Am I afraid of bad results? I know that I want the perfect result, which is of a very obscure definition by any means, and in any case it is very difficult to see when a project is in the in-between stages of work-in-progress. I got to remind myself why I like crafting and just accept the nature of my own creative process.

I can say that I get more pleasure out of coming up with ideas, I feel I can be free then. Putting those ideas to the test by making them up is what twists me into knots. This is why I have such a neat pile of pretty fabrics, many full sketchbooks but not a lot of clothes for example...

My catch 22 is that I know the remedy to my pains is more crafting, less thinking...! 

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