Saturday, 29 June 2013

gardening big and small

Gardening is one of my favourite activities. Love the earth, love the buzz of the garden, the living vibes of plants.

Having no garden of our own we try to recreate some of the experience of it on our little balcony. The little green space has been evolving since its beginnings. Some with more and some with less success.

The cut-up water bottle idea turns out to have a fault - it seems to confuse the plants by exposing the roots to some light, in our case anyway. Growing in see-through pots seems to hindered the plants' development after a certain stage. We started moving the chards into shop-bought flowerpots and they are instantly showing more will to live.

The radishes remain in the see-through vessels, because root vegetable don't usually like being transplanted. It looks like their roots will never turn into radishes though - but I'm still happy because they are growing a lot of big leaves and I've been wanting to try Steph's radish greens pesto idea since I've read about it. (I'll tell you how the pesto worked out next week.)

I've got some yellow blooms too which are all refugees from somewhere else. A few weeks ago we went to a big garden to help out with some jobs. I weeded the overgrown border while boyfriend cut down a very old apple tree. I saved some of the weeded-out flowering plants from the bin to give them a new home on our balcony. They took to the transplant very well.

I hope that all of you gardeners are doing well out there and that you get a lot of enjoyment out of tending to your gardens, however big or small! Have a sunny weekend everybody!


  1. what a pretty little garden you have there!
    good luck with it,
    hope it will grow and grow happily this summer...


  2. Ah, your little plants are doing great!
    My dill died during a heat weave we had here... but I still have some seeds—I'll try again!


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