Friday, 21 June 2013

flea friday: a big shaggy wool rug, a small corked pot and a couple of scarves in between

I show you some finds this week, of which some are big and some are small.

Starting with a sweet little 70s corked pot in tomato red from Carlton Ware. It's a small, lone spice jar - I announced it retired and it's now doing a great job just simply adding a splash of happy colour to our kitchen.

One day it'd be nice to find and adopt its taller brothers and sisters too!

Moving on - to two Finnish cotton scarves.

I wish the photo quality had come out much clearer... I'll try and remedy it somehow.
The bigger scarf is a mod-ish 60s pattern, from Metsovaara. The smaller blue one is a more modern Marimekko one which I have been wearing ever since!

I left the best for last!

A huge cut wool tapestry rug that we spotted together with my boyfriend on a casual flea shop visit, and after examining it we both agreed that it had to come and live with us. It could live on the wall too if we had a big enough wall space, but for now it's safe on the bedroom floor. Luckily our bedroom is just that, so we don't wear it out too much by walking on it.

One thing we don't agree on is its age. Boyfriend thinks it's from the 70s because of the muted yellows and especially the orange colours used. I think that it's from the 60s because of its subtle colourways, and because its modernist but soft geometry very much reminds me of Troika pottery. What do you think - does it look more 60s or 70s?

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  1. I would love to find a spice jar like the red one you found it's so bright and cheery.

    1. hope one day you do! would you use it as a spice jar or just deco?

  2. I guess the rug is from the seventies, but you never now maybe ist was startet in 1969 and finished 1971.
    The little red pot is very cute I would use it for dried herbs.
    Have a nice weekend and midsommer...

  3. I love that rug! I can imagine dipping your toes in its colorful fluff must be delicious.


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