Wednesday, 22 May 2013

lucky mail: pocket quilt from the UK

The postman has been bringing me very happy mail lately - first there were the good results on my language exams, and then a very cheery surprise packet from London.

The sender of the goodies is Helene from Petite Laine. My missing London blues has been coloured over by the contents of this parcel - I feel very spoilt. There were even sweeties and tea included! The tea was consumed  instantly and enjoyed immensely!

I have been thoroughly admiring the pocket quilt that Helene made me. It's not just that it's super to go through all those pockets, like a kid, rummaging for goodies. It is also a wonderful sampler for printed fabric lovers like me. Have a gander at the cute details.

Helene made this as a mini version of the advent calendar she'd made for her kids for Christmas. I adore the sleeping babes tucked up in bed idea!

Thank you Helene for making me such a pretty thing and for sending such a lovely parcel!

(I have to hurry up my Craft It Forward process, it's been nearly half a year since I pledged. Luckily there's still some time left for wrestling with my perfectionism and to compile my packages before the year expires... but a sneak preview shall come earlier than that!)


  1. This is really a nice quilt. I am happy for you! And congrats to the passed exam.
    Have a nice day!
    Is it also raining the whole may in finland?

    1. Hi Steph! We've been having very nice weather for at least a week, then the thunderstormy business started a couple of days ago, and now it's forecast cooler temperatures with rain, same as in Germany... One thing I hope for is that the rain will ease my hayfever, but I miss the summery weather even if it's a bit sniffy and throat-scratchy and full of mosquitoes :)

  2. the pocket quilt is beautiful and sweet!
    i am jealous of the tea :)

  3. That´s a really nice thing to get in the mail!! Congratulations with your exam Chica! Must feel great after all that hard work. Hope you have a great summer ahead :-) Cx

  4. Love your photos of my little package, and I love the pic with the tea. Thank you for your lovely comments!!
    I'll keep an eye out for a little peak of your craft it forward. And congrats on your exams!

  5. very beautiful quilt,
    and what a pleasure to receive it with the postman! :)
    hugs to you,
    enjoy your weekend.

  6. I'm in love with the pocket quilt, what a wonderful idea! I absolutely have to make one - uh oh, another thing on my to-make list ! I hope Hélène won't mind me being a copycat - Inwant to steal the sleeping dolls idea and everything! I'm glad you had a taste of London

  7. Ps congrats on your exam results!

  8. Wow, this quilt is so cool! She must have worked quite a long time on it! And congrats on your exams, too =)


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