Sunday, 21 April 2013


Brooding posts aside, but still on the weather theme...

I noticed how my preoccupation with the weather runs through everything these days. I'll keep it a short one this time though, more like a little announcement rather than a full report.

It's sunny, and the shadows are crisp!
Shoes come out to walk the streets instead of boots!
Breakfasting and drying laundry outside is entirely possible!

Hurrah for spring and hope all of you are having a gorgeous Sunday!


  1. sunny here too and warm!
    no more boots!!!!-
    wish you a good week aniko!

  2. What a wonderful way to tell us about the weather.
    I hope you have many more wonderful days.

  3. happy springtime!
    i wonder how i would experience it if i was to move back in sweden.

    and i am so curious...
    about this choice, about what you did in london, about where exactly you are now, about how you are starting about....ALL!
    just read your mail again. perhaps i will ask you more there instead.


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