Friday, 11 January 2013

flea friday: a table lamp, a stapler and a strange tray

The festivities are way behind our backs and the new beginnings have begun - with new old thrifty finds. Well some, favourite stomping grounds still seem a little picked through. But there are treasures to show, as always.

Who likes 70's decor? I do, you might have noticed by now. I think this little table lamp with its lingering inspiration of a candlestick holder, its bakelite switch and its glowing orange glass is a cracker - boyfriend found it.

I found this yellow plastic tray a little while ago. It has no makers name, but all the more little dimple-like impressions which gives it a leather-like look and feel. (Well, on uploading the image, it appears to me a little cellulite-like... Hm, funny what photography can do to your point of view...) Still. I love the actual object. The marbles are an old find, but I pulled them out for the shot - it's nice to look at them again.

The 50s-60s Viking stapler was a Xmas present from me to boyfriend. It goes well with his retro work-play-station. It's a good sturdy thing, it works like a dream - and luckily it's lovely to look at, especially that he doesn't have a lot of stapling to do.

More vintage finds same time next week!

I'm linking up to A Living Space to share my finds.


  1. I love these! I'm so envious of that lamp it is just beautiful.

    (p.s. just goes to show that cellulite is pretty really - quite decorative!)

    1. haha! if i think about it cellulite is the only word that rhymes with orange :)

      i wish i could take good photos of the lamp lit, it's very pretty then as well

  2. The stapler is so cool, very nice gift.


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