Friday, 14 December 2012

flea friday: red & whites

Some finds in pretty red & white from recent junk store visits. 
Lately, finding nice retro stuff for thrifty prices has been quite hard - I think a lot of people are shopping for Christmas second-hand so the good stuff gets picked up pretty fast.
But still managing to be the first to spot a few fun pieces every now and then, so can't complain!

I don't think I have ever found anything Hungarian before, so this is a first, and a very likable example too methinks.

It's a lidded butter pot - well that's what it seems to be in this part of the world - late 60-70's era.
I like the apple motives, but I'm yet to figure out what to keep in it. Definitely not butter...

I couldn't find much factual stuff on Granit and their wares in English, not even that much in Hungarian, but basically in their heyday, they are said to have rivaled the famous Arabia of Finland factory as one of the most modernly equipped and highly productive ceramics factory in Europe at the time. 
Now that's being said, this butter dish looks quite reminiscent of this style of Arabia design from the late 60's and obviously was made for the same market. I guess that's how it ended up here.

Next, the first and only Christmas-themed thing I bought this year; a little table runner with snowflakes, candles and elves. I liked the nice old cotton, the simple resist printed design and needless to say, love that wonky white hand stitching on each side.

Now, this next find is rather random and it'd be more relevant if it was the barbecue season... A pair of red plastic tongs which have a bottle opener incorporated in the top. Inventive? I guess so.

To share my finds, and to see what other people have thrifted, I'm linking up this week with Sir Thriftalot, with A Living Space, and with Apron Thrift Girl.


  1. This pot is too nice, the pattern reminds me of a fabric from "frau tulpe"

    I am not going to flea markets or thrift store at the moment. I really miss it!
    Have a nice day

    1. oh wow, those're pretty much 'lookalike' apples!
      i do like Kokka fabrics, always have really lovely retro-esque designs on them...thanks for the link!

  2. cute pot!
    you can use it for keeping cookies in it!

    have a lovely weekend!

    1. it's true - i don't know why i didn't think of cookies... I'm sure it will fill up nicely over the christmas holidays :)

  3. Cute apple pot! =) I never seem to find anything cute second hand.

    1. thanks Anja!

      i don't know how else i'd cheer myself up, thrifting is my retail therapy. do you live in a town with lots of savvy thrifters?


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