Saturday, 15 December 2012

book love: Disney's White Wilderness

I'm starting a series of posts called Book Love where I'm going to write about vintage books I collected, or happened to come across in some way.

First in the series is the Finnish edition of Walt Disney's White Wilderness (1961)

I rescued this book from the fate of being taken to the recycling centre, because I liked the full page  technicolour photos of snow- and icescapes and beautiful cold-climate animals.

I did my research and found out that it's a book version of the same title film made by Disney in 1958, which has become a little infamous due to the way they handled filming lemmings... you can read about it here if you want to. A little controversy won't put me off keeping hold of this book, even though I definitely don't agree with staging lemming suicides.

Besides, my improving Finnish allows me to enjoy the text too!

You can view the lemmings footage from the 1958 feature here - which is English-speaking of course.


  1. Hi Anikó, I hopped over to your blog because Anja from Cocalores mentioned you in her latest post and I thouhgt I´d say hi!. You are very brave to start reading in finnish! I am still at the magazine level in reading in another language then my own :-)

    1. Hi Carol, nice to see you here - thanks so much to come by and comment!
      Likewise, I went to see you blog and fell in love with your Christmas projects! What a talented lady you are!

      I'd like my finnish to be instant knowledge but alas, it does take time and practice. As long as I can take little breaks from it, I can keep pushing to improve fast :) In a way I have to, because I need to be able to live and communicate in this new country...a real strong incentive :)


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