Monday, 26 November 2012

giveaway winner

Finally, the draw is done and the result is out! The vintage braid giveaway winner is Caddi!

Congratulations Caddi, please check your email inbox!

Thank you to all the friends who have entered and for sharing the lovely ideas too, I enjoyed reading them!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

a little giveaway

If you remember my post about the imperfect perfect 70s kitchen curtains and how I resolved its length issue, you will remember this cute vintage woven braid with the chickens on it.

vintage woven braid chickens 70s 1970 70's blog giveaway sewing tape

After completing the curtain project I've been left with some of it still. To be precise, 188 continuous centimeters of it. Yet I can't think of how to use it up...can you?

If you can, then you have a chance to take this sweet braid off of my hands and make something good out of it or with it, because I'm giving it away!

No gadgety gadgets to enter this time - all you need to do to win is the following:
  • be following Idle Needle via GFC, bloglovin' or email
  • and let me know in comments what would you make with the braid
I will pick one idea from the comments as the winner - each person has one entry therefore.

You don't need to have an own blog to enter, but it'd be nice if the winner would send a bright and peachy picture of their made-up idea so we can all admire it in turn.

To have a valid entry, tell me how you are following + what would you make with the braid + include a contact email!

This giveaway will run for 10 days until Friday midnight, 17th Nov (local EET time), and I will announce the winner shortly after that.

Good luck friends!

Friday, 2 November 2012

flea friday: Pyrex & popping colours

Winter's come early this year - the first snow fell last week and daylight is diminishing fast. It's probably why I'm so drawn to bright popping colours and cheery patterns lately.

Last week we borrowed a car and drove to the recycling depot of the local Red Cross slightly out of town but nearby enough. It happened to be their 'Retro Week' sales going on and they had so many great vintage things for cheap, it was like walking into thrifting heaven!

We picked up a pair of pretty 60s coffee tins for a couple of euros (only one of them featured here, but they are identical), a small unmarked enamel bowl for 70 cents and a little java cup for 20 cents.

Also happened upon a couple of very clean Orthex lidded storage boxes in a bright red and bright yellow. I like having vintage plasticware from them, they usually come in great colours and are good Finnish quality and sturdy. We like saving our leftovers in these. 

These big kitschy mugs are great to make generous cups of afternoon tea in, which I seem to crave in the winter. Neither has any indication of maker or age, but I really liked the transfer pattern on both.

And finally, a couple of newcomers joining my beginners' collection of Pyrex ware.
These were sold in one lot for 4€. They both show signs of their previous working life but have no chips or real faults. I'm especially fond of the vegetables pattern.

I started looking up on Pyrex and found out that my previous find is the Briarwood pattern from the 70s.
Then in this lot, the small dish on top is a 60s snowflake-type pattern (possibly called Belmont?) and the fifties-look vegetables pattern is called Meran, also released in the 60s.

To find the name of these patterns I looked through lots of images of UK Pyrex on this Flickr group's page and on this pinterest page. Also, the girls at Oh So Lovely Vintage started a series on US Pyrex pattern identification.

This week I'm sharing my finds with A Living Space, with Cap Creations and with Sir Thrift a Lot.

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