Wednesday, 5 September 2012

the magic of late summer forests - an outing

erdei gomba forest mushroom wild foraging

We went on a forest mushroom hunt a few short weeks ago, hoping to find a particularly delicious type - chanterelles. It was still summer then, even though subtle signs of autumn were probably everywhere around us already.

None of the fragrant and delicate mushrooms on our wishlist came our way but there were plenty of others that I enjoyed finding for taking pictures of - not sure if any of them were edible...

We had better luck finding delicious wild berries - ripe and juicy blueberries and strawberries by the handful!

There were some magical scenes of undergrowth life - like the little slug fairy that lived in the stem of a big big mushroom.

We got back in the car before the heavy rain-filled clouds started chucking it down - and I was glad to drive past a yellow rape field in full bloom looking luminous under the inky blue sky.

I spent the car journey back home snacking on berries and discovering the sweetly bitter scent of a single white yarrow.

erdei erdő piros sapka gomba fűben red mushroom in grass forest

forest foraging wild blueberry blueberries strawberries strawberry summer erdei vad szamóca áfonya

moha és páfrány erdei avar forest undergrowth moss lichen

csiga tündér gomba ház házikó erdei little slug in mushroom house toadstool forest fairy

forest foraging berries foraged wild fruit wildflower erdei gyümölcs vadászat


  1. Oh so pretty mushrooms. I am very bad in knowing which mushroom to eat and which not. But I know and like chanterelle too! Wish you a nice weekend!

    1. thank you Steph! I hope your weekend is lovely too.

      you probably have a very good selection of edible forest mushrooms over there in Germany, just like here. I've been thinking to take some sort of an edible mushroom knowledge course, probably next year. It'd be great to go to the mushrooming spots and be able to fill the basket with all sorts of delicious ones... :)


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