Friday, 21 September 2012

flea friday: kitchen goodies and more

I've been in flea-market heaven for the last few weeks...and still am!
The situation couldn't be more perfect: having moved into an entirely empty flat with very little material possessions in a town full of flea-markets and junk shops. Do I have to say more?

Well, it's like a dream come true for me - we are on a shoe-string budget and had two weeks to make the flat liveable and get the basics. So we've been paying daily visits to all of the local second-hand places to reel in the bargains and boy, did we get lucky.

I'm pleased to say that my man turns out to be an equally savvy flea-market shopper with a very good eye, so we've had a blast going on the hunt together.

This post is the first installment of a series showing off all our finds.

I'm so stoked to have found a couple of not overpriced enamel mugs - the white one is looking after my coloured pencils now, while the mint green one is gracing the kitchen as a utensils pot.

vintage enamel mug holder rubic cube

I picked up lots of practically new wooden kitchen utensils, for mere cents a-piece... My favourites are the wooden whisk (above) and the fruit tree wood butter knife (below).

vintage fruit tree wood butter knife

I've been wanting a good vintage non-steam iron for a long while now - they turn up quite a lot, but it's hard to find one in decent condition. Most of the time the bottom plate is scratched or the wire connection is dodgy.

Not on this one! This beauty is in near mint condition, and irons like a dream. My man spotted it, and it was a bargain at €2.50.
The same junk shop had a very sturdy vintage ironing board as well as a sleeve board in the basement, so I came away from there fully equipped for pressing and very happy.

vintage philips iron

I have a soft spot for whistling kettles. This Italian one caught my eye - it has the most wonderful odd green colour, a lovely modern but classic design and the price sticker said €1.50.

It's been whistling for many lovely cups of teas ever since I brought it home.

A vintage pepper mill was on our definitive wishlist and my boyfriend came across this small barrel shaped one. We tried it out there and then - it had a few old rose pepper corns in it and they still had a lovely aroma. At home we emptied it and cleaned it - it works just perfect, and for €1.50 it was a steal.

vintage pepper mill wooden barrel

I really would like to start a collection of vintage Pyrex ware - well here's the first one in line. No lid, but I like the pattern a lot.
We also picked up a couple of vintage wooden floor samples for a few cents - I thought they make  perfect potholders.

vintage pyrex dish 70s 1970s

There's something about chunky smoky glassware that I appeals to me a lot - luckily my boyfriend feels the same way too! The carafe was my find, the salad bowl was his. Both were a couple of euros each.

And finally, I've managed to happen upon a big hollow plastic animal - remember this post with its smaller precursors? This guy will be subjected to some transformation soon to make a planter < edit 04/07/2013: I don't have the heart! To transform him would call for cutting a big chunk out of his back and cram some poor plant in there that would probably dye soon after from lack of drainage... so he remains as is, yawning with his toothy gaping mouth, with his back intact >, but in the meantime it's standing by the kitchen sink being useful as a ring holder.

I'm linking up with Apron Thrift Girl, with Cap Creations and with The Blue Eyed Owl this week to share my finds with other thrifters.

More vintage finds same day next week!


  1. I'm in Canada, I have a smoky plate just like your bowl, I bought it a long time ago.....

    1. Thanks for your comment Jill!

      I like the idea of a plate version of this bowl. i can never really date smoky glass, but it feels to me like 70's era. correct me if i'm wrong - i'd like to know more about my bowl :)

  2. Oh it is so good to have a lot of space for all the nice vintage finds. Looking forward to the hippo makeover!

    1. Hi Steph!
      I agree - although I get impatient sometimes because parts of the apartment feel a bit empty. But it is my dream situation so I get over that quickly!

      I'm thinking about what colour the hippo should become - a block colour? two colours? stripy? dotty? i haven't decided yet but will definitely do it soon :)

      PS. When I see your posts about what kind of things you find I wish I could hop over to the same markets and shops where you go! :)

  3. I would love to have a blank space to decorate with vintage finds -- lucky you! Love the pyrex and, yes, the wooden whisk too!

    1. Hi Sarah - thanks for your comment!

      It's great, but also sometimes a bit hard - the kitchen is still a bit empty so much so that it has a terrible echo. We are still looking for the perfect rag rug, and hopefully a lovely 70s latchhook or tapestry wall rug... i'm very hopeful about both.
      And every time we are sitting in the living room I am preoccupied envisioning the perfect 50's or 70s armchair for the empty corner, and miss bits of the film :)
      I'll be posting on the different rooms very soon, so you'll see how far we got in furnishing them.

  4. What fantastic finds! I never seem to find anything that I could put somewhere...maybe one day when I find a place of my own!

    1. Thank you and thanks for following! :)

      Having an own space that's needing things definitely helps, although you can always go thrifting now buying small items for that future place :)

  5. these are all some wonderful finds! and all at amazing prices. the enamel mugs are my favorites, however. i am always on the lookout but have not found any... yet. =)

    1. Hi Chrissy, thanks for your comment!
      I feel very lucky to have found these particular ones - they are in great condition, and they get snapped up pretty fast. I bought another one this week, I'll show it off in the coming posts :)

  6. Nice finds! I like the pattern too on the pyrex. I dont believe ive ever seen that pattern. thank you for sharing at cap creations.

    1. Thank you! The Pyrex is JAJ Pyrex Made in England - don't know much about it but it might not be entirely the same maker as the American Pyrex... got to do my homework on them too :)

  7. Just stopping back by to say you've been featured at cap creations.

    1. Thanks for the feature - my first ever! :)


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