Friday, 31 August 2012

flea friday: hangers & plastic animals

While boyfriend was at the dentist, I went to one of the junkshops that I don't visit so often.
Came away with some sweet little items that made me smile. Cheap and cheerful!

I found some wooden hangers with all sorts of inscriptions - again I restrained myself to buy just two. We are short on them so will be back another day to pick up some more.

Rummaged around in the kids' section in search for some large plastic animals to  make some of those cool upcycled planters which I've been seeing everywhere for a while now. I found some small ones, not really the size I wanted, but I just had to have these particular three.

I love their colours, all muted and very seventies - the ram in the middle is dated on its tummy Britains Ltd. England ©79.

Then I dived into the junkshop's big basket of loose buttons and picked out a lozenge-shaped amber-coloured lucite button, three large mother-of-pearl coat buttons, and a toffee-coloured vegetable ivory button with intricate surface detail. They are of course for my ever-growing vintage buttons collection.

By the way, I've got a post on vegetable ivory buttons in the pipeline so if you are wondering what they are, the answer is coming soon!


  1. great treasures,
    we are sure good at second hand in the north, right?
    i took a bike ride to get to this huge old barn which has been a second hand store for the past 10?20? years, you can find the most amazing stuff there, but it was closed...
    however, biking in the sun, smelling the air was wonderful aswell.

    1. you are very right - i feel like i live in junkshop heaven!

      funnily lots of the town folk around here don't seem to be into the 60's and 70's things which we like and that's lucky for us :)

      pity that barn shop was closed, it sounds like the perfect stomping ground for treasure hunting... i love your looking on the bright sunny side of things and seeing the silver lining! <3

  2. I love your wooden hangers.
    I'm always on the look for ones that are marked.
    Were I live we have a store that always has boxes with hangers I route through and once in awhile I score.

    1. Hi Denise, thank you for your comment!

      I feel very lucky for finding such lovely ones! One of the junkshops near my street has them for a small price. They also have a box by the door where they put non-inscripted hangers for anyone to take for free.

      I always go and pick up the wooden ones (we need a lot of hangers, we moved here without owning none). Last time I went I had an amazing find - for free! A handmade one with hammered iron hook, i just couldn't understand how other people could pass it on... Will blog about it soon.

  3. Imádom az ilyen régi vállfákat! annyira szépek!


    1. Köszönöm a kommentet! De jó hogy benéztél ide! :)
      Van itt egy bolt ahol elég gyakran előfordulnak, ha találok megint majd megmutatom.


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