Saturday, 21 July 2012

lucky mail: my lucky number 4

The other day I got a little package in the post from Elina at Veterok. I won one of her miniature book necklaces from her blog giveaway! I was entry number 4 and the magic machine spat my name out as the winner. I always knew that my lucky number was 4 yet so far it never won me anything. Until this time - and just how lucky I've got!

This little book came beautifully wrapped in a cyan blue envelope, and was tied into brown paper with blue twine. Thanks so much Elina, it was such a thrill to find this in my mailbox!

The miniature book itself is a little handmade masterpiece. Everything is perfect about it: the folding of the leather corners, the small but perfectly defined spine, the traditionally bound pages with perfect little stitches and perfectly cut edges. I don't even know how that's possible on such a small scale...! Being a book-lover, my first instinct was to open it and sniff - it smelt like a real new book, of tanned leather and clean pages!

I adore how the golden gilt of the falling stars twinkle against the textured indigo of the leather. I even love the blue-black waxed cord - most of my favourite necklaces are waxed cord except for a couple of silver chains. I think it was meant to be mine!

Elina is a Finnish artist and bookbinder. To see her stuff check out her shop and her website, and follow her blog to see what she's up to next

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