Friday, 30 September 2016

flea friday: Troll Tinn pewter

Something to hold the beautifully coloured autumn leaves we pick up on our strolls - a recent cheapy cheapo find, a Troll Tinn Norwegian pewter flute vase.

It has a very 70s look to my eyes, but a quick online research threw up the 1960s. I was a bit surprised about buying it. I don't know anything about vintage pewter nor I am usually drawn to anything viking... but this little vase has a cool, mid century yet slightly folksy sort of look about it.

It's also toddler friendly - the constant stream of twigs and fallen leaves find the perfect temporary home in it, needing no water to be inevitably tipped out. Virtually indestructable, can be bashed about, withstands nibbling and chewing efforts (although I try to discourage that as much as possible, of course).

Nice when an impulse buy turns out useful and not regretted.

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  1. It is really cool! I could imagine drinking some ale out of it...


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