Friday, 16 September 2016

flea friday: blue & white Granit

It's nice to post about thrifty finds again - and even nicer to be showing some Granit.

I picked up this set only recently, and just had to put them before any other finds (and I have a backlog of them, haha) because I like them sooo much! Besides, I have never come across any tea- or coffee related Granit in the flesh.

I love finding Granit in the thrifts. It's not that very rare but each time I see one I'm still somehow surprised about them popping up here, far from the homeland, just like yours truly. They usually get adopted because of the shared Hungarian-ness and so they might as well come live with me then...

Granit things captivate me in a funny, back-to-front way. They kind of bug me at first. They are usually full of imperfections. They look a little rushed, a little slap-dash. A little off-centre here, a tiny smear or paint-stained finger mark there, a small blob of clay debris in-glaze and such. They irritate the perfectionist in me I guess. But give it a little time and I start liking them more for these exact little faults and individualistic, rather human qualities. It amuses me how my initial annoyance turns into appreciation.

This cup is quite a size, it can certainly hold a large dose of tea or cappuccino.  If it had two handles it could even be a soup cup. The blue and white pattern is really sweet in my opinion, and at first glance it looks hand-painted. Well it is, but not in the way of each flower and dot, you see. At a closer look it becomes obvious that the blue design was done with a sweep of a blue brush over a cut-out template band. The black outline must have been done in a similar fashion, perhaps by dabbing over another, carefully registered template.

You can see my other Granit finds here.

PS. Es from the Netherlands got in touch with me not so long ago about my Granit collection. She is working on a concise site about the Granit factory, its history and product lines. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you too if you know about this Hungarian ceramics factory or any of its products, or if you collect them, or perhaps have an interesting story relating to a Granit item.

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  1. Oh, that is beautiful! :O Nice find and I've never heard of the designer before.


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