Wednesday, 27 May 2015

spring cleaning

It's almost summer, but I'm still tackling decluttering, minimizing, destashing and streamlining. Bit by bit.

Doing spring cleaning while entertaining a curious 8-month-old is not as thorough or as quick (or as possible) as before.

There are piles and boxes and collections of things to deal with. There is a big box of outgrown baby stuff, then a box of my own outgrown clothes. Practically everywhere in the home still needs baby proofing: so there is a whole queue of stuff that needs putting away-away.

With my changed priorities, I see now that some of the crafty stash has to go. A little culling of thrifted treasures would be helpful toward a less cluttered feel too.

Lots to get through. In the meantime, I'm trying to see the beauty in the chaos, and trying to enjoy making stacks and piles and the planning of ways to slowly usher excess stuff out of this home.

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