Monday, 6 April 2015


Our first Easter as a family.

We have spent it just doing regular things - everybody's diet here has become rather restricted and specific so chocolate eggs is only one thing on a long list we are not eating. Instead I made a very quick and simple but all the more delish sweet out of dates and nuts.

The narcisses I bought to decorate the room had to be relocated to the balcony - my hayfever seems to get worse each year... But they seem to be doing just fine outdoors, even in the minus temperatures and occasional icy rain.

Baby's teeth are pushing now, and all he wants to do is sit (which he can't do by himself yet) or bounce (he can't do that either by himself) all day. He keeps us busy. We sometimes have long conversations like da-da-di-ba-baba-bambi finished off by mightily blown raspberries. He is seven months old in a couple of days.

Hope your Easter weekend has been sunny!
Happy Easter!


  1. It's so nice to read about all those baby things! Can't believe your baby is already 7 months old!
    And I can't believe you're still in minus temperatures. Luckily that's over for us (fingers crossed!), we've been having the most beautiful sunshine lately! xx

  2. The picture of the narcisses is unreal! Beautiful! (Shame about no chocolate eggs though!)


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