Sunday, 1 March 2015

Domestic in March | Make, Thrift & Tell

I have to admit that last month's Letters theme turned out to be a bit tricky to thrift for. It was the case of the harder I look the less I see... I found all manners and genres of cool and interesting items in the thrifts (which i did not have time to snap pictures of, but will catch up this month) all very far from having anything to do with letters, be it ABC or enveloped ones... Hey never mind, this month's theme hopefully should be much easier to relate things to.

Anything to do with the home, the kitchen, the garden, family, pets, chores, spring cleaning, cake baking, soup making, do it yourself-ing - just to mention a few possible associations - will fit the bill very nicely.

To make things even more relatable, I decided to do away with the rule against linking up with old posts. There's no reason why we couldn't enjoy seeing something interesting that is bang on topic but was written some time ago. So if you would like to feature an old blog post of yours that's in theme, then just grab the badge from the side bar and join us below!

So roll up, roll up - let's see what you make & thrift during the first month of spring!


  1. Hi, looking forward to see what people will link! I have added a post from a week or so ago, but I also have a new one in mind. Thank you for hosting this party!

  2. Thank you for letting me know about your lovely link up!


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