Friday, 6 February 2015

January highlights | Make, Thrift & Tell

So here we go with the first round up post of this linky: my highlights of January's theme. 

I told myself I must select just the one thrifty and the one make post every time, not because I wouldn't like to write about each entry, but because realistically that's more like what I can achieve to do while baby naps. 

Having said that I was very tempted to highlight everybody who linked up in January, so I made a compromise. I will always pick two photo features and the rest of the entries will be mentioned in a brief way at the end of the post. This decision makes me happy, and it's just about what I can pledge to, given a precious half hour of peace and quiet.

via secondhand suzie

Suzie's Portmeirion find in the Totem pattern is something of a classic wishlist item for many I'm sure. I wish I've bagged such a perfect little treasure for such little money. It looks lovely housing a jade plant on top of the cds.

via stories of objects

The innocent charm of Anca's handmade quilts is simply irresistible to me. No regular pattern or precision sewing could make another quilt quite like hers, oozing with so much personality. Anca's quilts are literally made of memories. In the picture I selected from her post above shows an embroidery made by her mum as a child - how sweet and precious!

In addition to groovy pottery and beautiful patchwork, January saw a bronze age blouse, a manta ray shawl, a sample book of printed serviettes and a tablecloth nightgown flanked by a Frozen dress.

Thanks again for everybody who linked up last month, and let's go February Letters!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my quilt and for your nice words! I was sooo very glad to read them!!

  2. Thank you for featuring my Portmeirion! I'm scratching my head for something for this months challenge!

  3. I love those little vintage still lives :) Beautiful


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