Tuesday, 23 December 2014

quick fix

These days opportunities for crafting or other non-baby-rumba activities are few and far between. Yet I find myself trying to squeeze in a moment here and there for the shortest ever projects. Earlier today I stole a few minutes to crochet a chain for a little pair of thrifted wool socks that I wanted to hang on the tree. These kinds of mini-projects and quick fixes have a chance to realize and give my crafty soul a little boost.

They also gave me an idea to set a challenge for the new year - a blog challenge, to inspire, channel and get more creativity into the blog again while parenting. I will call it my Make, Thrift & Tell challenge. I'm thinking to run it as a link-up thing, with a logo and everything, so if some of you fancy joining you will be able to. I'll launch it in January and will tell more then - exciting!

By the way, we bought a real tree - a small but sturdy one. Got some dainty silver garlands and a trio of red toadstools in the sales, the rest of the decorations we already owned. I like our tree a lot; it's shiny and a bit quirky with birds and mushrooms and wool socks and mini glass candy canes. Today it snowed in earnest and it's going to stay - as if it was on order for the holidays.

Sharing my post via the Celebrate It! blog party on Teri's blog.


  1. your link-up-idea sounds interesting, I'm looking forward to it :)

    and I like your tree, but I am most envious that you got snow. here it is just too warm, wet and stormy :(

    have a very nice and blessed Christmas!

    1. i'll send a bit of our white christmas weather your way then :) it's nice to know that the link-up sounds interesting, will be good to have you on board. merry Christmas to you and family Sjoe! x

  2. oh looking forward to the link up. i hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year:)


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