Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Halfway through the last month of the year, actually more than... This year has come and almost gone in a blink of an eye, don't you agree?

Gearing up to Christmas now, we are still thinking whether to get a real tree or buy a good quality fake one that we could pull out each year. Either way, it will be a special tree, although probably a sparse one. Special because of our little one, and sparse because we don't have that many decorations. But now it will make sense to begin collecting baubles for our very own family spruce, be it real or faux. I'm imagining adding something nice each year, thrifted or maybe shop bought if really nice. (The other day I fell for a special porcelain snowflake, to mark baby's first Christmas - I'm amazed how having a child is turning me into more of a consumer... a conscious one I hope.)

Got those wooden trees in the picture above from the thrifts, along with some colourful wooden blocks. They now make lonely little thrifted plastic deer a little forest to frolic in, on top of the sewing machine. It's hard to find a spot in this apartment with good lighting this time of the year...The postcard was sent by a relative, the design is really lovely.

Winter has been really warm so far - there were some days when it felt like springtime. Luckily we sleep in the night and are awake in the daytime now, so enjoyed some nice walks, mitts and sunglasses and all.

How is your December? Have you got your tree yet? Do you have snow?


  1. December has been busy but I am determined to take it slowly. Our tree went up early this week and I still need to do our food shopping. No snow here but lots of rain. Wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas Aniko. Love, Bee xx

    1. a lovely Christmas to you too Bee! i hope the weather will get a bit more christmassy for you too! xx


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