Wednesday, 8 October 2014

cuddling season

Autumn, autumn, how much I love thee... the blazing reds, yellows and rust against the blue of the sky. The fog in early mornings. That nip in the daytime air, which tingles my fingers to knit something warm and cosy.

Despite the carpet of colourful fallen leaves beckoning for a walk on the pavement below our balcony, we are doing a lot of cuddling indoors. We spend all our time with breastfeeding, sleeping and some baby wearing - just for half hour or so; the c-section scar mustn't get too strained...

The other day daddy went and bought the coolest pram from the secondhand shop that our money could buy. So now we can go outside for a spin to enjoy the weather and kick some autumn leaves covering the path.

It's quite unbelievable that baby turned 1 month old yesterday... time does go fast. It's lovely to spend all this time together, just us three - baby, daddy and mummy - cuddling and getting to know the little one and learning how life is going to be from now on.

Thank you for all your well-wishes and congratulations! We are so very lucky to have this many friends and that he is loved and welcomed by so many people.

Hope your October is being as lovely and cosy as ours!

PS: Hope I can post up a thrifty post next - I found some nice things just before we gave birth which would be nice to show off.

PPS: For those who are curious: the full birth story is taking its time to be written, but it will be up soon.


  1. Congratulations! So lovely to see new baby pictures, and hear of time spent together getting to know one another. Keep them coming! Xx

  2. your moments sound beautiful and cosy aniko :)
    happy one month for your little one!
    enjoy your october with your loved ones!

  3. 1 month already! I haven't even said congrats! Oh I do miss the baby stage, the cuddles and the baby smell, and the tiny toes and the soft hair. It is such a special special time, enjoy!!! Times goes so fast.. What's his name??

  4. A month! how did that happen!! those cutie little toes melt my heart!


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