Sunday, 7 September 2014

goodbye summer, hello autumn

It's that time of the year again - the season is turning.

Only a few days ago I was looking out our kitchen window at the huge birch in our neighbours' yard and thought how green it still was despite the autumn feel hanging in the air. A couple of days later, and the same tree is adorned with yellow leaves. Autumn happens here just as fast as spring - you blink and the scenery is all different in a sudden.

Summer felt fantastic this year - about eight weeks of heatwave, sunshine, hot temperatures and gorgeous light. We shall have some really nice memories to reminisce over in the winter.

The amount of sky- and flower-gazing, and the number of teddy bear clouds spotted...

Those middle of the night talks and laughs with boyfriend on the balcony, sitting in a towel with a glass of cold sparkling water, trying to escape the sleepless heat inside the apartment...

In the daytime, going for little walks in town, keeping to the shaded side of the street, trying to cool down with funny flavours of ice creams and ice lollies - cactus, liquorice, and the cola one that colours your tongue black with medical carbon...

The lazy days, sitting in the breezy living room, just me and the bump, sharing a melting piece of extra dark chocolate...

Ducking into shops and cafes for a little time away from the midday asphalt heat, or into the cool cellar air of the big basement junk shop; and then the orange dress for a euro that became the only thing I could turn to during the hottest of days...

The lovely surprise when discovering those really good Hungarian plums that taste like childhood at the local grocer's...

The craziness of sweating by the oven in the hot kitchen waiting for a batch of muffins to satisfy stubborn cravings in a healthier but more labourious way...

The list goes on and on - I think I'll always remember this summer as a very special one.
And the journey of being pregnant is almost up to its finish line - it's really any days now - but that's actually another post I'd like to post before I go off the radar a little longer still.

I hope every one of you have had a nice summer, and a smooth start to the autumn!

PS. I've been not so good at replying to comments here, or leaving comments on other blogs lately, but rest assured I'm still reading and appreciating each word! x 


  1. Yes, autumn is coming here too and I love it. I am not a heat person so cold nights are a real pleasure for me. Have some nice last days with your bump!

  2. We've had an amazing summer too, but I have to say, I love September and I love autumn, plums, apple crumbles, collecting conkers and preparing for Christmas..
    Aniko, your bump looks beautiful and I can't wait to hear the good news. Hope all goes well, enjoy the magic!! Take care xx

  3. I love you summer photos and stories, autumn has started here too, it's chilly and the leaves are starting to turn!

  4. wish you a beautiful september aniko!
    it will sure be a great one!

  5. What a lovely record of a special summer. It will all change soon but only for the better! Keep well and rest for the new arrival. Bee xx

  6. Lovely post, I have to admit when I saw a new post I started to get excited that you might have an announcement, although when I think about it it's unlikely the first thing you are going to do once your beautiful newborn arrives is write a blog post, I'm just eager I guess:)


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