Friday, 11 July 2014

flea friday: surprise Soviet hand-me-downs

Sometimes it happens that you don't even need to go out there to roam among shelves filled with other people's junk, looking for treasure - the finds come to you, falling into your lap instead.

It happened to be that a friend of a friend's friend had a bagful of baby stuff to hand down, and I was the lucky recipient of the free goodies.

There were some nice outfits in there from current brands, but what I'd really want to show you here on the blog is the retro Russian prints that I pulled out of the same bag.

I'm not sure how old these hand-me-down items are, but the prints are definitely have a nostalgic Soviet kiddy kitsch look.

There was a cute newborn's jacket to be found with some critters in rainboots and umbrellas, as well as a little romper, and that pair of pants above complete with original shop labels.

And I was delighted about these muslins too! Baby shall find a lot of comfort in these as they are big enough for swaddling.

I picked up the yellow birdy child's coat hangers from the Red Cross shop when I went to drop off the rest off the freebies bag with the stuff we didn't want to keep. Donating is just as nice as getting things for free or for cheap!

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  1. all very cute!
    and the hanger is lovely too!

  2. Oh I love getting bags of hand me downs like that. Those prints are all so cute! Thanks for sharing this at History & Home this week, take care: Dawn @ We Call It

  3. They're so cute, lucky baby! I used to love getting hand me downs when I was a kid!

    1. your comment made me recall that - funnily enough - as small girl i was a bit miffed when i got hand-me-downs...unless they were awesome :) i think i liked the shopping experience more than new clothes but still...maybe they spoilt me a little :) there was my mum's auntie who used to give us cool hand-me-downs though, from her teenage daughter, i remember an awesomest-ever green suede miniskirt that had a pinked zig-zag hem and a certain cowgirl sort of look. that auntie was also a handknitter - will never forget the toastiest chunkiest ever pair of handknitted tights i got to wear one winter... :)

  4. wow! I love finding things like that! ok well I'd LOVE TO find something like that : )

  5. Oh so lovely! The prints are very cute and the little hsnger was a great find. Bee xx

  6. They are all lovely! The prints are fab. :)


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