Sunday, 29 June 2014

good stuff

A little photo record of some good stuff that's been happening in June (and a bit before) - to balance out the rainy, cold and very un-summer-like weather we've been having lately.

Not so long ago my sweet sister showered me with natural skincare products from a small upcoming Hungarian eco-brand, Manna. I've been feeling spoilt and pampered all month.

Spent another relaxed weekend at my boyfriend's mum's. While they worked in the garden, I sat on the computer and managed to bust all my crazy lists filling several notebooks and loose bits of paper, and figured out a way to go paperless with it (enter's boring but actually useful).
It's finally strawberry season!

Summer driving - enjoying the scenes whizzing past from the passenger seat.

And lastly - peering into empty pickle jars and thinking how they look like strange little aquariums.

Hope you guys are having a nice Sunday - and better weather than us here at the moment!


  1. beautiful packaging!
    and you are right, the empty pickle jar
    looks like an aquarium :)

    1. isn't it? it's lovely to have those nice products, so spoilt :)


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