Tuesday, 1 April 2014

april the first

I have to say it's been a surprisingly productive 'April Fools' day so far. No joking or pranks here - the only prank was maybe the light dusting of snow everywhere in the morning.

Then the frosty look of the day went away quickly and for the afternoon, springtime blue skies are teasing the birds and the budding tree branches again.

As for the productivity part, boyfriend made a super-active sourdough bread starter from scratch the other day and today he's baking the first ever home-made loaf of ours. The starter root, trying to climb out of its jar there, is promising a nice sourdough loaf of the fluffy kind!

And I finally cut my hair again. It's a pleasing result - even if I say so - the choppy long bob I've been thinking about to have.

I hope you are not disappointed that this is all true and there wasn't any funny stuff in this post... Did you have a nice first of the month?

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