Wednesday, 24 July 2013

there's still time - giveaway reminder

 First of all, a big hello & welcome to the new Idle Needle followers!

Just a little reminder about the first blog anniversary giveaway that's running on here until the end of July.

I underline that for myself too - because it dawned on me this morning that up until now I had the wrong ending date displaying in the sidebar... what a silly self-defeating little mistake, but thank goodness, it's been corrected while there's still time. (Note to self: sometimes numbers are too important...)

So if you thought you have missed the giveaway, or you didn't know about it yet, head over to the first blog anniversary giveaway and enter via the widget!

And - as Tim Wonnacott would say - very very very good luck!


  1. I hope there's finally my chance to win something;) btw, would you like to make a button swap with me? I want to do something like this on my blog with other bloggers (;

    1. hi Julia, the day of the draw is very near now, so good luck!
      i'll have to make a button for that, but yeah let's try it. :)


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