Wednesday, 20 March 2013

eleven days

I have broken my water fast yesterday with some fresh juice squeezed from a few sweet-smelling oranges. They tasted wonderfully fragrant and quite intense so I took each mouthful with great care and consideration. After eleven days on water, I'll be easing into eating again slowly so it's still juices and perhaps a few grapes or a bit of grated carrot for now.

I bought a pot of yellow tulips the other day - I'm craving spring much more than food. It's harder each day to wake up to another morning of crisp minus fifteen and to negotiate the slippery pavements everywhere, frozen solid with ice. Once the morning hours turn into lunchtime the temperature might even hike to zero and the sun does its work melting the icy snow, but by night it freezes over again. No chance for tulips or any plants to raise their pretty little heads out in the gardens yet, hence I turn my eyes from the outdoors ice to my indoor tulips when I can.

The other day all of Finland was treated to the light show of the nordic phenomenon of aurora borealis, even in the south-west where we are. I have seen them before in Iceland but it's never boring to catch a glimpse of the dancing, twisting, cold green flames in the sky. We watched them from our kitchen window. You can see some images here from that day.

I have been on and off reading my favourite blogs lately although quietly, but hoping to be more talkative now that the fast is over!

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  1. your new yellow pot
    and the tulips
    are beautiful!

    must be magic
    to watch the aurora borealis
    from your kitchen window!
    wow, these colors!


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