Friday, 15 February 2013

flea friday: a cat-in-the-bag of mystery stamps

I've got this little pouch of mystery stamps not so long ago, just for the thrill of it. I saw it, I saw all those staples pressed into its top preventing it from being opened for a peek.

For half an euro I took a chance on this little cat-in-the-bag. My reasoning was, that out of a little fat pouch like that, even if it's full of rubbish, surely there will be one stamp in there - if not more, then just the one that will make me smile.

There were a few:

This week, it's just these to show - I feel like that huge haul from last week is ought to be balanced by a less indulgent report.... but there will be more vintage finds next week, same time!

I'm sharing with A Living Space and Young Heart.


  1. I love stamps. I always try to buy pretty ones if I send a letter. I try not to collect them (it is hard) especially if I see these beauties you found there. But I guess there are very good for crafting also.
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. how do you resist collecting?
      i always thought that the little pictures are fascinating. (well, i'm less of a fan of the 'head' ones, they are kind of boring :)
      i'm lucky with stamps it seems, from birth :) my mum had a big collection as she was a postoffice lady for a while; then when I was a teen, I spent a day in my cousin's workplace at the recycling centre and she let me climb the huge mound of paper there, and I found an old collector's book full of stamps... Still have it, should make a post on it I guess :)

  2. Really nice! I especially like the stamping on them. I love a poststamp, they intrigue me. You can barely read them most of the time but yet, they are so important to make a document or letter more valuable or even legal.

    1. i also always try to read the date stamp - i love when i can make out the date and the placename maybe... i also used to like stamping with ink, when i was a kid - i'd hijack my mum's library stampers and got everything covered in ink :)

  3. where do you find those things? : )
    stamps are very nice!
    little pieces of art some times.

    1. hm, just here and there :)
      i thought the same, but used to hate their flavour when licked them onto the envelope. now i get annoyed with these self-adhesive stamps thinking the old-school licky stamps were so much better... i'm like a grumpy old lady ;)


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