Monday, 21 January 2013

woodlandHood has retired

My other blog WoodlandHood will cease to be from the 1st of February.

I have decided so because

- it is constantly being ignored while Idle Needle is tended to with great energy; a sure sign about where my attention wants to go.

- considered closing it once before but gave it another shot. It still proves to be very much on the peripheries of my attention.

- it's existence becoming linked to unease and pressure in my mind, as I keep promising myself that I'll write soon, then failing it all the same.

- I think Idle Needle could take on some of the topics that has been assigned to WoodlandHood, especially art-related discoveries.

- in its poor neglected state, WoodlandHood has become a vehemently visited playground for nasty spammers, which is also constantly drawing on my attention.

As a big sister to Idle Needle, being the blog I first started after the big move, i think it's only fair that I do it justice and close it. I'm thinking of importing my favourite posts over to here, so they still will be available, under a new woodlandHood label. < edit 04/07/2013: I have now incorporated my favourite woodlandHood posts into the main archive of Idle Needle. I have deleted old woodlandHood projects, which have become irrelevant and dated. I felt like the projects I'd started under the WLH label were to be continued and improved, and because I lost interest in learning to make woodcuts they became out of place on here. If anyone for any reason wants to see images or receive information relating to my learning to woodcut, please let me know in comments or via email. >


  1. i didn't know you had another blog too : )
    i think it's better and interesting to have labeled posts here
    than a whole other blog.
    it's too difficult to update in two blogs.

    and the foto is beautiful!
    the piece of wood is like a sculpture!

    1. that old log is at my boyfriend's mum's house - it's been there since the eighties, she says.

      we thought the exact same thing, that it's like a sculpture, so now it lives on a shelf now :)

      yes, it will be easier with just the one blog to concentrate on :)


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