Thursday, 20 December 2012

easy last-minute Xmas: neon straw tree

What's a blogger to do, if there's no good daylight, no good photos and it's almost Christmas?

Well, what I've done is I've reached out to some bloggie friends and asked to borrow from their blog to showcase their ideas that I've seen there and been inspired by.

So in this last-minute mini-series in the last week of the run-up to Christmas, I'd like to show off some brilliant ideas by some brilliant bloggers which result in quick creations very suitable for last-minuters like moi.

via Hibiscuschica

I only just recently discovered Carol's blog Hibiscuschica but I've fallen in love with her Christmas projects straight away, especially with this neon green drinking straw tree.

I think if you have a piece of wire and some plain drinking straws at home you can easily craft one up in no time at all! I was thinking that even paper rolled up into small tubes could work - my answer to how to make away with those pretty scraps of Christmas wrapping paper which are just too nice to chuck.

Carol says that she has a big crush on neon colours at the moment, and she likes to team them up with hues of grey. I think they really work, especially the way she combines different textures, soft wools with hard materials like stone, glass and metal. Altogether they make such a fresh look which is still full of warmth for the Christmas season - peek here to see.

I've come across Carol's blog via Anja who, apart from being one of my fave reads, is also the host of a humorous ranting linkie party that makes me very much look forward to Wednesdays. So hop over to Anja's blog Cocalores too, to meet new friends while sharing a virtual cup of coffee with her.

But back to Carol's delightful projects, check out the felt slippers she made - if in need for a last-minute gift for someone and have some wool felt and a little time, I reckon these will be simple and quick to whip up too!
There's still some time left until Christmas Eve, and in all honesty, I'm quite tempted to sit and stitch away for a few hours in the comfort of my own home with some nice Christmas songs on, rather than brave the gift-hunting crowd in the busy centre of town...if needing a pattern template I found one here.


  1. Surprisingly lovely - who knew straws could look so pretty?!

    1. i thought exactly the same when I saw it on Carol's blog! :)


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