Saturday, 22 December 2012

easy last-minute Xmas: minty meringues

What's a blogger to do, if there's no good daylight, no good photos and it's almost Christmas?

Well, what I've done is I've reached out to some bloggie friends and asked to borrow from their blog to showcase their ideas that I've seen there and been inspired by.

So in this last-minute mini-series in the last week of the run-up to Christmas, I'd like to show off some brilliant ideas by some brilliant bloggers which result in quick creations very suitable for last-minuters like moi.

via Mini Matriarchin

I always see some really really good things on Steph's blog the Mini Matriarchin, be it nice photography, envy-inducing retro finds, seasonal food ideas and recipes, or inspiration for crafting projects.

I couldn't resist this recipe for little candy striped meringues, which bring back memories of childhood Christmases - mum placed the boxes of yummy meringues high on the top of the wardrobe so we kids wouldn't raid it before they can be threaded and put on the tree.

You don't need a lot of different ingredients, or a lot of time to make these and they look very impressive, with or without the chocolate dipped bottoms. So if you still have some steam to do a spot of whisking and baking, then these are pretty perfect. You will find a link to the recipe in English in Steph's post here.

By the way, the wonderful Geninne is having another giveaway of her hand drawn art and also a copy of her book on making stamps, so if you fancy yourself a surprise treat for Christmas head over to her blog and leave a comment there to enter!


  1. Very cute - love the colors!

    And you're so right about the dark weather getting in the way of good photos. It is driving me nuts!

    Take care and have a wonderful Christmas! xo

    1. Thank you Anja!
      It feels like a loooong time ago already but we've had a quiet one - I hope you've had a lovely Christmas too!
      And the days are just gonna be getting longer now - yay! :)
      Happy New Year also! x


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