Wednesday, 7 November 2012

a little giveaway

If you remember my post about the imperfect perfect 70s kitchen curtains and how I resolved its length issue, you will remember this cute vintage woven braid with the chickens on it.

vintage woven braid chickens 70s 1970 70's blog giveaway sewing tape

After completing the curtain project I've been left with some of it still. To be precise, 188 continuous centimeters of it. Yet I can't think of how to use it up...can you?

If you can, then you have a chance to take this sweet braid off of my hands and make something good out of it or with it, because I'm giving it away!

No gadgety gadgets to enter this time - all you need to do to win is the following:
  • be following Idle Needle via GFC, bloglovin' or email
  • and let me know in comments what would you make with the braid
I will pick one idea from the comments as the winner - each person has one entry therefore.

You don't need to have an own blog to enter, but it'd be nice if the winner would send a bright and peachy picture of their made-up idea so we can all admire it in turn.

To have a valid entry, tell me how you are following + what would you make with the braid + include a contact email!

This giveaway will run for 10 days until Friday midnight, 17th Nov (local EET time), and I will announce the winner shortly after that.

Good luck friends!


  1. hallo there aniko!
    pretty, pretty woven braid!
    hm... i think of giving it to my sister
    so she can make a beautiful leash for our girl dog!
    but it's very nice using it on a fabric doll too!

    i am already following you!


  2. This would look great as the trimming on a zippered pouch!

    1. Forgot to say I'm a follower via GFC!!

  3. I love the chickens! But probably I wouldn't do anything with them for a while because I don't have a sewing machine yet - I will get one latest on christmas! I would probably use the chickens as an embroidery on something I'd make then :) I'm following via GFC I believe - if that's the name of that thing on the left where you see all the profile pictures :)

  4. I would add it to a handmade prayer flag - nice and bright and cheery. I receive your updates in email.


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