Wednesday, 17 October 2012

how I make no-fuss natural gel air freshener

There are lots of ways to use and enjoy natural essential oils in your home, from oil lamps to vapourisers and infused candles.

There's also another easy way which I happened to 'invent' by chance and found it very effective and now prefer it to lighting oil lamps.
I'm pretty sure that it exists out there in the world already, but in case you might like to read about it here I thought I could share my no-fuss method anyway.

So, firstly take some aloe vera jelly and 3 of your favourite essential oils.

Squeeze a smallish dollop of aloe jelly into a small non-metallic, non-plastic pinch bowl or saucer and add a few drops of the essential oils to it.

Mix with a toothpick, cotton swab or anything similarly suitable until the jelly turns opaque and whitish.

Spread this opaque jelly around the full inner surface of the pinch bowl or saucer so the contact surface with air will be bigger.

Place the pinch bowl or saucer in the room to be scented - I usually put it up on a high shelf out of sight.

Enjoy the aromas! This will be scenting the room for about a day or two.

You can use any natural essential oils of your preference and choosing, but do read up on them and their effects in advance! You can look them up here for example. It's important to know what you are handling, essential oils are lovely but some are an irritant and some are potentially harmful, because they are so concentrated.

My favourite oils are: lemon, lavender, bergamot, cedar wood, chamomile, benzoin, rose, neroli and eucalyptus.

I usually mix only three different oils; I use 2-3 drops of two of them and 4-5 drops of the one I want to be dominant.

A mix of lavender-chamomile-rose, or lavender-chamomile-bergamot creates a soothing, calming room, for example in the bedroom.

The mix of cedar wood-lemon-bergamot works well to freshen up the living room after a weekend evening party. This mixture is also good in a wardrobe to freshen up stale air in there.

And a mix of lemon-eucalyptus-chamomile is great to place into any room when we are ill with colds and flus. It clarifies the air and makes breathing easier.

I hope you have fun trying out this natural gel air freshener - if you do, I'd love to hear what you thought about it!


  1. w00t?! I already have various uses for aloe vera gel, but I've never thought of this, ingenious!

    1. If you try it let me know how did you like it x

  2. I'm so delighted you posted this idea -- thank you! I'll have to put aloe vera on my shopping list.

    1. hey thanks! i hope you'll try it and will like it! :)


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