Friday, 5 October 2012

flea friday: two hammers and a dress (and everything else in between)

I've found some lovely things again - a whole random mix of them!

These two old hammers sang to me from the shelf with their nice shapes and un-hammer-like colours. I really like how they look next to each other. Bargainous too for a couple of euros each.

vintage hammer old hammers hand tools

Here they are in full size. By the way, in case you are wondering 'why hammers' I wrote about my affinity for vintage hand tools on my other blog in this post.

From hammers to a late 70's /early 80's Finnish cotton dress. It's a long dress, the hemline is mid-calf which is way too long not just for my liking but even for the camera to capture.

Length being wrong, but the colour and the shirtwaister style is spot on, and the cotton is lovely! It has deep blue dyed mother of pearl buttons and is a nicely made thing. It cost me 3 whole euros.

It will receive a make-over soon which will be documented on this blog and will definitely include the scissor treatment for a new hemline.

Then I found some very sweet unused 70s seasonal greeting cards. First I thought they might be repros, but their bumpy texture and their slightly foxed reverse sides gave their true age away.

Got a few more kitchen accessories - bright ones, as there is a lot of natural wood and white units in there. A red onion basket and a colourful chevron potholder brighten the place up for sure.

My boyfriend found this enamel bowl and then I found a matching cup. They are in brilliant condition too. I'm yet to do my homework on their maker and their age, I don't know anything about enamelware yet I decided I'm collecting them...

Then another joint find: a pair of stripy cotton curtains from the 70's and a similar era, similar look tablecloth; all in orange and brown with lots of white, which happens to be one of my favourite 70's colour combos!

We both fell in love with the curtains, but alas they came up about 10 cms too short for the window in their destination, the kitchen.

After much measuring and doing maths (not over the price, they were only 1.50 each) we settled on a plan to lengthen the striped beauties to fit.

I will show you how I resolved the length issue next week - they turned out petty neat!

This week I'm linking up with Sir Thrift-a-Lot, with Hey What's for Dinner Mom, with Apron Thrift Girl and with A Living Space.

More vintage finds same time next week!


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with that dress and those white dishes are fabulous! I want them!! :) The curtains are lovely too! I love the brightness of them :) Very cheery!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Dress is gonna get a chop off for sure :) - I will have to have a sunny day for photographing it's been raining and was gloomy all weekend! Not the best light to re-style a frumpy number :) Hoping for the next weekend to be more for the transformation.

  2. The orange-brown curtains are great, as all your finds! My favorites are the greeting cards how funny and bright makes the holiday even more special. Have a nice sunday!

    1. I have a teeny tiny cunning plan with the cards - come November, will reveal :)

  3. We love those hammers! Something about the colors and the way the wood handle goes right through the head on the orange one is just awesome. The enamel pair are really cool, too - I like the graphic black and white. Haven't seen that mark before, but I hope you can figure it out; I actually love doing the research and finding out all about the things we find.
    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. Hey Julia,

      Lovely to see you here!

      I've been reckoning to myself that maybe the best and most enjoyable way to decipher the makers mark is to go hunting for more enamelware and find one that has writing under the symbol! Enamel collection justified! :)

      I'm really glad you started a link-up - I've been enjoying looking through the others' finds - your lovely blog seems to attract a lovely bunch of people! Thanks for this new bloggie hang-out spot!!

  4. Your enamel finds are glorious. White and a dash of black... beautiful!
    I wanted to compliment you on your pyrex finds, too! I'm slowly building up a mismatched collection of vintage plates and bowls...


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