Saturday, 1 September 2012

Songs unleashed from woodgrain: Traubeck's record player

I hope you'd  like something to blow your mind this early into the weekend - this piece of art certainly has the groove!
wood slice record player music woods tree trees fa évgyűrű zene lemezjátszó Traubeck
via Fiber Space

Listening to slices of wood on a record player is something that the surrealists might have dreamed of back in their heyday. 

Dali would have loved the idea of romancing a lady friend on the lips sofa while the wood-slice record on the gramophone softly plays songs about seasons past as remembered by trees.

I adore this concept - it certainly set the right tone for my weekend. I discovered it on sarapirat's blog. I still get palpitations every time I watch the video - it was a love at first viewing.

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