Wednesday, 8 August 2012

childhood books (and ruining them)

Rabbit reading a book by puikeprent

I'm a sucker for illustrated kids' books and cute scenes of animals busying themselves with human occupations. So when I saw puikeprent's lino cut illustrations, I couldn't help but burst out in utterances of 'awwww' as I clicked from one to the other.

When me and my siblings were kids, we were all very creative, which is great for kid and parent alike. We were quite happy roaming around in- and out of doors enjoying a lot of freedom exploring and doing our own thing, while our parents could get on with their stuff rather than having to entertain bored offsprings.

On the downside it also meant that no book or magazine in the house was safe from our scissors, crayons and transformative ideas. The more we liked a book the more it was a candidate for abuse. Luckily my mum is a huge bibliophile, and a librarian, so while probably grumbling about the defaced specimens, she couldn't help but introduce us to more beautiful publications. I'm sure we were told off many times about the crix-craxes and cut-up pages, but were never discouraged to engage with the books the way we liked. That's all well and very lucky, but doesn't change the fact that we practically destroyed most of our favourite books.

My mum, in one of her generous motherly packages, sent me one of these long-forgotten favourites.

A surviving favourite book - Tales of Pom Pom - with my own and my brother's additions
Same book, different handwriting - my sister's additions
I often have an itch in my hands to stitch some embroidery but fail to begin because I can't quite put my finger on what to stitch...
It would be great to come up with something, based on childhood memories. I'll keep running that thought over and over in the mind, in hope that I get kissed on the forehead by a childish muse eventually...

In the meantime, I show you a couple of my favourite childhood books that can be found for viewing online - (don't worry about the language, the images tell it all):
Zengő ABC
Pöttyös Panni


  1. interesting how old things become fascinating as we age. I was actually in love with books as a child and took great care of them. My husband was something else though. He drew a certain part of the male anatomy in all of his. Now when we look at his old books, we crack up. I can't help but wonder what his mother thought of his x rated drawings!!!!!

    1. That's hilarious! You made me laugh.

      I wonder what's his profession :)


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